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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chicago and WEFTEC 08

I love Chicago, in October at least. The rest of the year I'm told the weather in Chicago is either too hot and humid or too cold. But October is great. I went there for the annual Water Environment Federation (WEF) conference and give a talk. with 33K attendees there was a lot to see, hear, and do - especially if one decides to get out and walk and use the transit system, which I did.

The Palmer House is grand, especially so after a very expensive ($300M) remodel job. Fellow presenter Saskia V was on the 20th floor, so I got some night shots from there in addition to the grand hall, ballrooms, staircases, etc. I did get out and walked a bit, taking in the "Bean" (aka Cloud Gate), Museum of Art, and the Field Museum of Natural History. Back at the conference, I caught Mayor Daley's keynote speech and heard how a big city can get 'green.' I found an unoccupied walkway and shot a panorama of one of the exhibits. It's really hard to see the layout when you're on the floor. The Op's Challenge was on the floor, so I got a couple of shots of the action. So on with the show...

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