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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crafting a macro to create a vintage postcard look with Nik software
(c) Ken Osborn May 16, 2016

After visiting a version of Renaissance Italy at a local craft and performance fair in Vallejo CA, I
tried reinterpreting my photos as postcards depicting the era as might have been done in the 1930's.

Something like this:

To create this image took a few steps in Photoshop plus the Nik software plugin (free at

If you have several images it is worthwhile to automate or at least semi-automate the process, as I did with the following macro (aka Action):

Some details

Make a couple of layers with your starting photograph

Blend 'Color' Mode on the top layer

Select the second layer down just below the 'Color' mode layer.  You will convert that to a monochrome version.

Select Silver Effects Pro in the Nik plugin

Where you will have several options to choose from

I selected Antique Plate II 

How it looks before adding color

Bring back the top layer in 'Color' blend mode and you have your postcard!