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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hunt for Blossoms and Thorns

In the City of Richmond (CA) is a place time has passed when farms and fishing were a way of life. Managed by three Japanese-American families the domestic flower industry has fallen on hard times unable to compete with the cheaper imports. Today the greenhouses stand as shadows of the past while the roses are surreally viable even bursting through the broken panes on the greenhouse roofs.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

HDR Basics - Using Photomatix and Removing Ghosts

HDR Basics Using Photomatix -

Friday, May 20, 2011

Playland at the Beach Lives On

2124 Coming Attractions2126 Pinball Alley2119 Professor B and His Mind Reading Flea2112 Yes, it is real2079 The Fortune Teller2076 Circus Recreation by Don Marcks
PlaylandBatchPlaylandBatch_KEO2105.jpg2073_4_ Playland at the Beach2107 Before the Attitude Adjustment2091 Dickens Time2088 Story Book Recreation2123 Professor B and the Canon Ball Flea With Catcher Standing By
2065 Movie Recalling Playland2078 Living Half Girl2077 Circus Recreation by Don Marcks2109 Professor B Engages His Audience2081 Don Sneaks into the Circus2108 After the Attitude Adjustment
2083 Circus Recreation by Don Marcks2115 Flea for Two2099 Only if You Dare2106 Thirty Shots - Five Baskets2092 Laughing Sal - One of Two Hundred and Fifty2118 The Tightrope Flea Act
Remember San Francisco's Playland at the Beach? You don't? Oh well, you're probably a lot younger than I and can be forgiven.

While Playland no longer exists, having gone seedy and even scary in the 60's and then got itself replaced with condos and a supermarket when no one thought it worth the face lift, some of it lives on. Like at the Musee Mechanique at San Francisco's Pier 43.5 and Playland Not at the Beach in El Cerrito on the east side of the bay.

Both are worth a visit. The Musee Mechanique is free and fun though you might just drop a few quarters into a machine or two to see how they work and take you to a yesterday when fun was a much simpler and cheaper endeavor.