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Monday, November 14, 2011

All Aboard II

6861 Next Time Take the Train6730_1_2_3_4_Recently Furnished6740_53_The Grand Room6760 Wheels Not Optional6764 Brickwork Exposed6897 Elegant
6771_2_A Peek Inside6773_4 Some Details6779 Beaux-Arts Style6781 A Rest For Your Foot6785 The View from Below6896 Spontaneity
6794 Seeing Differently6801_2_3_4_5_ Solid Oak V26801_2_3_4_5_Solid Oak6806_07_08_09_10_Woodwork Plus Commentary6806_07_08_09_10_ Woodwork Plus Commentary V26892 Textures In Stone
6827 Exterior Detail6887Curves Lines Shadows II 6890 Aging Gracefully 6836 Column Detail6888 Look Up for Details6842 Reflections in Marble
All Aboard II, a set on Flickr.
West Oakland's 16th Train Station was closed following Loma Prieta in 1989. The local train service has been relocated, but the 16th Street Train Station is gaining a new life as a center for community activities and special performances.

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