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Friday, June 01, 2012

Customizing Your Twitter Page

Customizing Your Twitter Page
Ken Osborn © 2012

Did you know you can customize the background design of your Twitter page?  It’s easy, though not straightforward, so I thought it would be worthwhile to scribble some notes so I wouldn’t forget how to do it!  If it helps you, great.

The custom part of the design is the background.   I selected a background that matches my business card, then added the logo from my card, and contact information for my Flickr, Facebook, et al webpages.  For you, if the background is an image that you upload, you will need to build your image in Photoshop or Lightroom first. (I will not review creating the image, but note that I started with a Photoshop canvas 2048 wide and 1600 wide and a marker line at 300 pixels to restrict the area for text.)

Start with the home page, as in the example of my home page below.  But there is a problem with my first design.  After creating the background image and uploading it, I neglected to include my LinkedIn page.  To correct that omission I went to my profile page.  Under the head-and-shoulders icon on the right side (next to the quill in a box) there is a pull-down menu.  Go there and …

select View my profile page followed by Edit Your Profile.

Then select the Design option.


Once in the design page under Customize your own choose an image file from your hard drive and upload it for the background. 

The uploaded image will become your new background.  

My corrected webpage with LinkedIn link

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