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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Richmondocks-152 (photo by Dale Mead)

Originally uploaded by dfmead

On Jan 21 together with fellow photographer Dale Mead, I returned to Richmond Shipyard Number 3 (Richmond, CA) for more photos from the decks of the Whirley Crane. The crane rises about 60 feet above ground, but I decided not to climb the last set of ladders despite having climbing gear for the ascent.

I used climbing gear as a safety precaution while shooting. It let me pay attention to my shooting and not worry about stepping off the deck. The last three photos in this series are from my photo-archives of Richmond's Shipyard Number 3.

While I took shots from the deck of the crane, Dale shot a series from the ground.

For photos by Dale Mead, photo-documentarian, see

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