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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Miraflores Revitalization Kickoff

0644Miraflores Master Plan0635 History and Change0794 Icons of Their Times0643Miraflores Creek Schematic0645 Miraflores Senior Housing0649_50_51_Patrick Lynch MC
0666Bill City Manager Lindsay0679 Mayor McLaughlin0682 Keith Takata Deptuy Regional Administrator USEPA0698Good Weather for a Talk by Housing Director Patrick Lynch0714 A Family Perspective from Robert Sakai0725_6_7_Madalyn Law Adresses the Audience
0734_5_6_ Another Use for a Fire Truck0745_6_7_8_9_ The First to Go0752 Kobelco Krunch0761_2_3_4_ Coming Down0767 A Big Bite0769 And a Party Balloon Too
0770 Keep Back0775 A Team for Change0779 Over There0780 Levels of Photography0782 Dust Control0783 Irrigating a Demolition
I've made several visits to the former rose and carnation greenhouses of the Sakai, Oishi, and Endo families in Richmond (CA). Roses still grow there even though unattended for some years.

Soon these greenhouses will be replaced with homes and townhouses. Some of the history will be saved and restored as a reminder of Richmond's past.

For more information on the Miraflores development see

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