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Sunday, June 19, 2011

57th Annual North Beach Festival

8074 The Beat Museum8108 Hand Out7895_6_7_Above the Hong Kong8109 Of Crowds and Costumes8112The Stinking Rose7945 Wall Dogs
7947 Live to Ride8039 Coit Tower7959 The Assay7956 W. P. A. Mural7979 Auto Ferry to Oakland7958 Art Deco Lite
7962 Over The Top7964_5_6_ Coit Tower View to the East7967_8_9_Coit Tower View to the North7973_4_5_ View to the West from Coit Tower7992_3_4_5_6_ Coit Tower7998 Last of the Natives
8002 Rock and Wood8038 Imagination8006 North Beach Crowd8040 Relaxing with a Heiniken8037 Victorian Inclinations8016 Columbus

North Beach is no longer the haven for poets, free thinkers, and other artists that it was in the 60's.

The North Beach Festival, now in its 57th year, has echos from that era but those echos are faint and perhaps unintelligible to those who did not live through those tumultuous times.

The Beat Museum is wonderfully quaint and evoked some distant memories making me think I might read Kerouac's "On the Road" and see if it was still relevant. Maybe not.

Coit Tower is still relevant and though I've been in the area many times had not seen the W.P.A. murals until now. Worth a return to the SFAI gallery to see Diego Rivera's murals.

And if you visit North Beach, try The Stinking Rose for dinner. The food's tasty and the atmosphere is great (lot's of garlic!!).

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