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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sketches and Skies of San Pablo Ridge

7872 Anise Light7869 The Trailhead7870 Feathers in the Sky7824SkiesAndRidgeCS3DuoSketch.jpg7871 Feathers in the Sky as Monochrome7828 Posts in a Field
7832 Anise Sketched7873 Belgum Palm7881 Broom Against the Skies7882 Pretty But Can Be Deadly7874 Skies Above7875 Cows in Richmond?
7877 Wind Swept Polarizations7858 Wind Swept7878 Wind Swept Pastel7879 Lupine Polarizations

When the skies become a canvas with clouds as the paint, a photographer can only hope to capture the art and perhaps reinterpret it.

Is this just photographing someone else's (Nature) art? Perhaps, but I'll still continue to try the impossible which is to capture the form, light, and shadow and perhaps the feeling of nature's art.

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