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Friday, January 18, 2013

Creating a Flickr Slide Show on Your Blog

Creating a Flickr Slide Show
(c) Ken Osborn 2013

Yes, you can post a Flickr slideshow on your blog site using a gadget, but what if you want a little more control?  For that I'm trying the slideshow generator called Flickr Slideshow Generator!  You can find it at

You can make a slide show based on tags, like this one from my sets tagged 'Dickens.'

 To start the process you will need an NSID which is a unique number representing you on Flickr.
Entering Information to Access Flickr Images

 To find your id number use idGettr at
idGettr will Get Your Unique Flickr ID Number

After you get your ID you then enter either a set URL with or without tags or just tags.  If you enter just tags it will grab everything in your Flickr stream with the tag so don't get too crazy because if you are like me you may have a lot of images under some particular tag.  

Generating the Flickr Slideshow creates an HTML code you can cut and paste into your blog website.
HTML Code for Website

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