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Friday, October 07, 2011

Capturing Sounds on Your iPad

There are iPad apps, such as FiRe, which can be used to record audio using the internal iPad mic.  There are other apps that create music or special effects sounds, such as Bebot, but do not record what has been created.

It is possible to create sounds using one app while recording those sounds with another app.  I have done that using FiRe to record while making a bit of something sounding like music with Bebot.   Click the link to hear a recording of the Bebot in Therimin simulation mode.

The process is fairly simple, though perhaps not so easy to explain.  First, open the recording app, in this case FiRe, and put it into record mode.  Then immediately hit the home key twice in quick succession.  This will bring up a scrollable row of apps.  Scroll to the sound/music creation app and open it.  The recording app will record any output you now create.  Once completed, return to the recording app and stop the recording.  You will need to edit out the lead and ending portions that were recorded during the intervals when the sound creation app was not in use.


FiRe demonstration on YouTube:
FiRe app at App Store:
BeBot at App Store:

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