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Monday, October 03, 2011

Napa Photo Safari with Frederic Larson

2836_37_38_39_40_WineryOne_PM41tonemapped.jpg2772FredericLarson.jpg2849_50_51_WellLiteGrapes_PM41tonemapped.jpg2852 Grapes in the Bulls Eye2861_84_ Concord Blues2868 Grape Explosions
2887 Anthocyanins2895_6_7_8_Grapes Hanging2895_6_7_8_Grapes Hanging v22914_5_6_ Vineyards and a Bit of Blue Sky2917_8_9_Chained2929_30_31_Blue Grape Red Leaf
2969_70_Golden Grapes3009 Complementary Contrasts3010 Entry with a View3015Trefethen Vineyards3052 View From Artesa3101CoppolaWineryStaircase.jpg
3109_10_11_WineCasks_PM41tonemapped.jpg3127_8_9_ Castello di Amorosa3130_1_2_ From the Grapes Perspective3168_69_70_71_72_BaleGristMill_PM41tonemapped.jpg3173_4_5_6_7_BaleMill_PM41tonemapped.jpg3179_80_81_82_83_BaleMillWaterWheel_PM41tonemapped.jpg
When Frederic Larson, former photojournalist with the San Francisco Chronicle, offered a photography workshop set in the Napa Valley, it was an opportunity to not only learn a few new photo tricks but to sample a few good wines.

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