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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Photo Phun with an iPad - UCB Stadium, Bowles Hall, IHouse

IMG_1040 Stadium Work 3IMG_1038 Stadium Work 1IMG_1039 Stadium Work 2IMG_1036 Bowles HallIMG_1030 International HouseIMG_1058 Girton Hall
1038_9_40Colliseum.jpgIMG_1037 Bowels Hall

The iPad 2 camera is not up to par if compared to the iPhone camera, but you can do a lot with it that is creative, fun, and even useful.

One nice app (FieldCam) emulates an pre-digital (and pre-35 mm) dry plate camera. It produces a sepia toned image. And it has two shutter releases, readily accessible on the sides rather than at the bottom of the iPad. So if you want to take your favorite scene thru the way-back machine, try this app on your iPad.

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