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Saturday, October 22, 2011

di Rosa Art Preserve

3808 Don't Call Me Bullwinkle3766 Low Maintenance3772 The Victorian Garden3774 di Rosa Reflections3777 To Catch the Sun3790 Pipe Collection
3794 Racing the Clock3801 Puppet Masters3815 The Shadow Knows3825 A Matter of Balance3838 Not So Ancient3841_2_3_4_ Heavenly
3873 Designer Desk with an Attitude3875_6_7_ Mirror Mirage3882_3_More Than Mirrors3886 Mirrors as a Painting3903 Don't Try This at Home3900_1_2_ Ring at Your Risk
3926 Peacock Portrait3909_17_Mezzanine View3931 Meadow for Art3934 Meadowphoric Art3938 Drought Tolerant3939 Artemesia
di Rosa Art Preserve, a set on Flickr.
Located near Napa, the di Rosa Art Preserve is 200 acres of the selected works of Northern California artists and includes metal work, ceramics, photography, paintings, and other categories that I cannot identify (e.g., 50's vintage cars adorned with a collage of collected items).  For more information and tours see

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